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Blissful Moment Tea

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The greatest companion of daily relaxation – Blissful Moment is recommended for those living under chronic stress. Our infusion will enhance your mood and let you get a different perspective on everyday anxieties. A source of natural ease whenever you need some time off, alone.

Fresh mint, ripe citrus and a tiny bit of sweetness. Blissful Moment acts and tastes like a long-awaited moment of chill. It will get your thoughts in place and placate your body whenever it needs some love.

Blended and packed in Poland with love. 

How to brew

Add one spoon of dried herbs and mix it with 200ml of boiling water. Give your tea around 10 minutes to brew and pour the infusion into your fav cup. If you feel your body is craving for extra honey or sweetener, do not hesitate to add some.


Butterfly pea flowers, mint, ashwagandha, licroice root*, lemon verbena, lime oil.

Caffeine free

* If you suffer from hypertension, please note you should limit the consumption of Blissful Moment due to the qualities performed by licorice roots.

Blissful Moment Tea
Blissful Moment Tea
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