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Clouds Reusable Eye Patches

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SLAAP Clouds reusable under eye pads will enhance the beneficial effects of your eye cream or serum. They are made of a pleasant to the touch medical silicone, which, like a quilt, covers the delicate skin around the eyes and helps it to absorb the valuable ingredients contained in the cosmetic even better.

You can use the pads as often as you like because they are reusable and easy to keep clean. You can easily clean their silicone cover with warm water and soap. As soon as they are dry, they are ready for use again

After applying the pads to the place where you previously applied eye cream, the phenomenon of occlusion occurs. A tight, silicone film reduces the leakage of water from the epidermis, i.e. TEWL (from the English Transepidermal Water Loss), and at the same time facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. The substances responsible for the reduction of wrinkles, puffiness and shadows under the eyes work more strongly and effectively. Thanks to the occlusion, the skin is even smoother, softer and better moisturized than after applying the cream itself.

For everyone who wants to provide additional care for their skin around the eyes, as well as improve elasticity and reduce puffiness.


• As a care booster for cream or serum – by giving the effect of occlusion, they will increase the penetration of active ingredients into the skin and reduce transepidermal water leakage. To do this, apply pads to the previously applied cosmetic and wait 15-20 minutes.

• As a cooling compress against puffiness and dark circles – just cool it in the refrigerator before applying the cream or serum, which will help you deal with bruises and swelling. The petals will further enhance this effect. Your eyes will get a fresh, rested look.

• As a caring primer before make-up – apply a highly moisturizing cream under the eyes, and then apply the petals. Wait a few minutes for the skin to completely absorb the cosmetic. This is a well-known trick of make-up artists working behind the scenes of shows and photo shoots that they often use on models. It removes signs of fatigue, fills in fine lines under the eyes and helps to distribute the concealer better. Your makeup will look flawless.


The pads are made of medical silicone which does not cause allergies and is easy to clean. Thanks to the possibility of multiple use, you will save on the purchase of disposable flakes, you will reduce the amount of waste generated, and your care will become more ecological.

Reusable Eye Patches
Reusable Eye Patches
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