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English Breakfast Black Leaf Tea

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English Breakfast tea (40g) brings good news in the morning. It owes its breakfast name to the British tradition of enjoying a cup of black tea in the morning before starting the day. It was discovered that a blend of Indian Assam and Darjeeling teas has a slightly stimulating effect and positively affects cognitive functions exactly with morning gossip and English tea. Let the English tradition of "a cup of tea" become your breakfast ritual.
A blend of Indian black teas Assam and Darjeeling is a balanced source of energy and natural support for digestive processes. It is the perfect choice instead of a second cup of coffee.

The golden color of English Breakfast tea is a classic taste. Expressive, deep and refined taste. Slightly bitter, combining both sweet and slightly floral notes. Thanks to the addition of Darjeeling tea, it has a more delicate taste than the classic English Breakfast.

How to brew

Add one spoon of dried herbs and mix it with 200ml of boiling water. Give your tea around 10 minutes to brew and pour the infusion into your fav cup. If you feel your body is craving for extra honey or sweetener, do not hesitate to add some.


Our English Breakfast comes from two Indian regions - Darjeeling and Assam.

Darjeeling is a region located at the foot of the Himalayas, distinguished by a relatively cool climate. This region is famous for the production of the most noble variety of black tea.

Assam black tea, Darjeeling black tea.

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