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Green Sencha Loose Leaf Tea

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Green Sencha (40g) from Kyoto, Japan is considered as the highest quality tea. Sencha leaves are picked in the first harvest, which affects its delicate taste without bitterness. It was brought to Japan from China by monks who believed in its healing properties. Turns out they were right! Green tea slows down the aging process and has a wide range of health benefits. Maybe this is the Japanese secret of longevity?
Green tea is a wealth of antioxidants to support immunity and fight free radicalsIn addition, thanks to the content of caffeine and l-theanine, it is a source of calm and balanced energy.

High-quality sencha from Japan is rich in umami flavor. The mild, light green color of the infusion is characterized by a delicate, slightly buttery, full flavor, devoid of bitterness.

How to brew

Take 2-3 g of the product and pour 180 ml of water at 70-80°C.

Give the tea 2-3 minutes alone.

If your sweet heart tells you to add honey or sweetener to your tea, don't hesitate for a moment.
We recommend to brew it couple of times.


100% green tea sencha.
Our sencha is grown in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. This region is characterized by ideal conditions for the cultivation of green tea - it is famous for its very fertile soils, a lot of rainfall, good insolation and mountainous terrain. This region has been famous for producing the best green tea in the world for over 1000 years.

Our sencha is grown on small tea fields, according to the principles of organic farming, free of pesticides.

pure green sencha loose leaf tea
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