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Immune Support Tea

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A natural source of immunity - Immune Support is recommended for people who want to strengthen their immune system. The blend has warming attributes, making evenings more pleasant. It is the perfect addition to your daily ritual that will help you take care of yourself from the inside out.

The main flavor note is wild, autumn elderberry fruits. The delicate acuteness of ginger and red pepper, which is soothed by the sweetness of elderberry flowers, is also noticeable in the smell of the tea.

Blended and packed in Poland with love. 

How to brew

Add one spoon of dried herbs and mix it with 200ml of boiling water. Give your tea around 10 minutes to brew and pour the infusion into your fav cup. If you feel your body is craving for extra honey or sweetener, do not hesitate to add some.


elderberry, elderflower, echinacea, tulsi, ginger, lemon peel, blackcurrant fruit, red pepper, orange oil, lemon oil, ginger oil. 

Caffeine free

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Immune Support Tea - Glow Club
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