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Dry body massage brush - medium tampico

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The Glow Club body brush is a great way to effectively care for the skin of the whole body.

Our medium body brush is dedicated for dry body massage. Made of beech wood and agave fibers (tampico), it perfectly smoothes the skin, improving its color and elasticity. This type of bristles is stronger and more suitable for more advanced users.

Our medium body massage brush has a very comfortable cotton strap that prevents it from slipping out of your hand to ensure that massage will be effective and comfortable, and you will be calm and relaxed. The oval shape of our brush also has a positive effect on the brushing process because it perfectly fits the hand, guaranteeing you only positive experiences.  

The brush is packed in a linen bag to help you store it. It's perfect for traveling as well, making sure the brush is clean and safe.




Use on dry skin before a bath or shower.

Dry brush the entire surface of your body upward towards your heart in brisk, energizing strokes from feet to hips, wrists to shoulders and décolleté up to neck, being sure to pay particular attention to areas of the skin that are prone to dryness. 

Avoid irritated, bruised, sensitive or broken skin, taking extra caution around raised moles. 

After brushing, shower to remove dry skin, then dry off with a towel and replenish your skin's elasticity by moisturizing with body oil or lotion.

Brush for three to five minutes for optimum awakening and energizing.


1 x body brush made of beech wood with medium tampico bristles and cotton belt attached.

1 x cotton bag to help you store body brush

Made In Poland

Medium Body Brush - Glow Club
Medium Body Brush - Glow Club
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