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White Peony Pure White Leaf Tea

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White Peony leaf tea (30g) is the least processed variety of tea, prepared from young buds and tea leaves. It comes from the Fujian province in China. It has a delicate taste with noticeable notes of flowers. When brewed, it resembles blooming White Peony flowers.

White tea is the least processed variety of tea. Young tea leaves are rich in antioxidants- polyphenols and catechins. They are responsible for eliminating free radicals. In addition, white tea helps detoxify the body from toxins and strengthens the immune system.

White Peony tea is characterized by a light yellow, delicate color of the infusion. It is famous for its full yet delicate flavor with a slightly earthy aftertaste, which is turn up with the sweet-floral aftertaste.

How to brew

Pour 200ml of bolied water (70-80 degrees celsius) to 2-3g of the tea. 
Add sweetener if you like. 

We reccomend to brew the tea several times.


100% of white tea leaves and shoots

Our White Peony tea comes from the mountains Fujian, region of China.

White Peony (also called Pai Mu Dan) is made of young shoots and tea leaves. After harvesting, farmers dry them very slowly in cool rooms. Only after several dozen of hours the tea undergoes the process of drying the leaves. Thanks to this, tea leaves are less processed than in the case of black or green teas.

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